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An innovator in flat-pack Lighting, David Trubridge

A Look at Kit-Set Sculptural Lighting

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David Trubridge values and passions for sustainability and the environment are on centre stage. Challenging conventions David Trubridge has been a pioneer in flat pack lighting design. Now alternatives are on the market, In no small part to work, David has done. Not a bad legacy to have carved out.

A Naval Architecture Graduate from Newcastle University in the 1970s, and later moving to New Zealand where he still lives and works today. David first appeared on the scene in 2001 when Cappellini an Italian design house bought the rights for 'body raft'. In 2004 the kit-set blueprint was established with the release of the 'Coral' light, a classic design still relevant today.

Davids love for nature and work are intertwined, the natural world is the reference point for his work. You can see why he goes to such lengths to prioritise sustainable practices.

The Sustainable Credentials Unpacked

  • Lighting made from bamboo plywood. A fast-growing species, sustainably sourced from plantations in China
  • Designed to use the minimal amount of material possible
  • Style is always in, and fashion comes and goes. David focuses his attention on product longevity and not throw away designs mimicking the current flavour of the month.
  • Water-based paints used instead of toxic solvents. Wood is even left natural where appropriate
  • Flat packed shipping. Minimising the carbon footprint related to transportation.
  • The Company premises in Whakatu is built with as many eco features as possible and was the first fully wooden framed commercial building in Hawkes Bay. They even have fruit trees planted on the property.
  • EPD accreditation and third-party verified. An EPD is a standardised way of quantifying the environmental impact of a product.

david trubridge manufacturing unit

David Kitset lights come with video assembly tutorials (which can be viewed on our item page) and in-box instructions, making home assembly a smooth, enjoyable process that elevates the product from just another thing bought to something more. That's what building and making things can do!

Are you Looking For Contemporary Sculptural Lighting?

Check out our David Trubridge Lighting Collection, we won't be beaten on price. Find it cheaper send us a live chat we will match it. 

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