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Wikholm Form plant pots and vases are known for their beautiful colours and well-designed shapes. Stocking glazed plant pots for indoor use. And charming ceramic vases which make excellent centre pieces. Consider mixing and matching home accessories and decorative plant pots to reach our free shipping threshold.

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What materials are used to make Wikholm Form pots and vases?

The Wikholm Form collection is primarily made from high-quality ceramic materials. The ceramics are durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean, making them a great choice for indoor plant displays.

What sizes are available in the Wikholm Form collection?

The Wikholm Form collection offers a range of sizes to accommodate different plant needs. Options include small bud vases, medium-sized pots, and larger statement pieces. This variety allows you to mix and match different sizes to create visually interesting plant displays.

Are the Wikholm Form pots and vases suitable for outdoor use?

While the Wikholm Form collection is primarily designed for indoor use, some of the ceramic pieces may be suitable for protected outdoor areas, such as covered patios or balconies. It's important to check the product specifications to ensure the item can withstand exposure to the elements.

What types of plants work well with Wikholm Form pots and vases?

The Wikholm Form collection is versatile and can work well with a variety of indoor plants, including:

  • Succulents and cacti
  • Pothos, philodendrons, and other trailing plants
  • Smaller houseplants like ZZ plants, snake plants, and peace lilies
  • Herbs and small vegetable plants

The simple, neutral aesthetic of the pots and vases allows the plants to be the star of the show, creating a harmonious and stylish display.

Can I use the Wikholm Form pots and vases for purposes other than plants?

Absolutely! The minimalist design of the Wikholm Form collection makes the pieces versatile enough to be used for a variety of home decor purposes, beyond just plant containers. They can serve as stylish vases for fresh flowers, holders for office supplies, or even as decorative accents on their own.

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