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Tired of clutter? Transform your space with our wall storage solutions. Discover the ease of finding what you need with stylish wall organisers, from chic coat racks to versatile foldable shelves in your favourite colours. Upgrade your living with wooden peg shelves, shaker peg rails, and oak peg rails, perfect for any UK home.

Our wooden shelves for the kitchen combine functionality with style, while our decorative wall shelves add a touch of elegance to any room. Keep your desk tidy with our wood desk organiser, ensuring a productive workspace. Choose our wall storage options to create a tidy, stylish, and efficient environment. Start planning your perfect organisational system today and step into a clutter-free life with our practical, fun, and unique storage solutions.

Say goodbye to mess and hello to a more organised, joyful living space.


Wall Storage | Got A Question? Get Your Answer!

What is wall storage?

A built-in combination of cabinets, closets, and open shelves arranged along or creating a large wall area, like a room's side, offers organised and integrated storage.

How do I choose the right shelf?

When choosing shelves, make sure they can support the weight of the items you intend to place on them. For lighter items such as books or boxes, shelves that can accommodate the load are suitable.

What is the best material for shelves?

Oak is a top choice for shelving because it's strong, durable, and resists scratches and chips well. Though not as hard as melamine, oak's natural appearance is greatly appreciated for its visual appeal.

What space-saving wall storage options does uBaaHaus provide?

uBaaHaus provides creative storage options such as regular peg rails, peg rail shelves, wood desk organisers, wall racks with decorative shelves, and arch decorative wall hooks, all designed to optimize your space efficiently. Explore our range to enhance your area!

Can Wall Storage Be Used in Any Room?

Wall storage is adaptable for any room, like kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms,  living areas, and entryways offering both functional and decorative advantages in various spaces.

How Do I Maintain My Wall Storage Units?

Maintain the beauty and functionality of your storage with our simple care and cleaning recommendations here!

Can Wall Storage Units Be Easily Modified or Relocated?

Wall storage systems often allow flexible adjustments, letting you add, remove, or change parts. But if you move fixed shelves or cabinets, you need to patch and repaint the walls.

How Do I Ensure My Wall Storage Is Securely Mounted?

Ensure you are using the right mounting hardware for your wall type. Typical wall constructions include masonry, concrete, timber frame and metal frame. If you’re unsure of the correct hardware to use we recommend speaking to a professional to ensure safety. Use pencil marks and spirit level to accurately mount the shelf to the wall. Ensure hardware and shelf are tightly fixed in place. Periodically check the fixture has maintained stability.