Japanese Kitchen Knife

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Find the perfect Japanese kitchen knives and get your cook on! These knives are expertly made in Japan using superior steel for incredible sharpness and edge retention.

Our sharp kitchen knives slice through vegetables, fruits, meats and more with laser-like precision. Precisely crafted for professional and home chefs in the UK.

These Japanese kitchen knives allow you to effortlessly chop, mince, julienne and complete other cutting tasks. The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable, controlled grip.

Whether you're a seasoned pro-chef or an avid home cook, these professional kitchen knives enable you to prepare ingredients with efficiency and skill. Upgrade your kitchen performance with our exceptional Japanese knives.

Japanese Kitchen Knives | Got A Question? Get Your Answer!

What is special about Japanese steel?

In summary, Japanese steel knives are favoured for their remarkable sharpness, strength, edge retention, precision, lightness, and beauty. They are excellent for both professional chefs and home cooks.

What makes Japanese knives unique for chefs?

Chefs knives from Japan combine traditional techniques, advanced technology, and generations of steel expertise. They are thinner, harder, and sharper, essential qualities for a superior kitchen knife. With their slim, sharp edges and durable steel, Japanese knives maintain their sharpness longer.

How do I choose the right Japanese blade?

To pick a Japanese knife, first identify your cooking requirements. Are you after a versatile general knife or a specialised one like a sushi or vegetable knife? Think about the tasks you'll perform and select a knife tailored for those specific uses.

Difference between single and double-bevel Japanese cutlery?

A single-bevel knife has one angled edge, and a double-bevel knife has two angled edges, one on each side. The bevel's angle influences cutting, with sharper angles offering a finer edge but making the knife more delicate.