General Enquiries

Got Q's? We've Got A's!

Product Query

Your first step should be to go to the item page and check the description and specifications, as well as any downloadable materials available for the product. If the information is missing or unsatisfactory, you can find the best way to reach out for more information on the contact page.

Lead Times

Lead times can be found under availability on the product page.

My Order Has Multiple Lead Times

When an order is placed and the products involved have different lead times, we will hold back the products to deliver them all at once. However, if you wish to have the order sent out separately, you can reach out to us.

There’s an Error On Your Website

Oops! Please email us with details of the error. We appreciate the feedback and it will help ensure that future customers have a better experience.

Orders & Shipping

Ship Happens: Get Your Goods Delivered with a Smile

How Are Shipping Fees Calculated

We use a weight based system. More info can be found on price breakdown by heading over to the shipping policy page.

Do You Offer Free Delivery

Yes, to qualify you must spend £89 or more.

Will I Have To Sign For My Delivery

Yes, the courier will likely ask you to sign for your parcel.

How Do I Track My Order

When your order is packed, we will send tracking information to the email address you provided. You will receive a tracking number associated with your order number, which you can use to track the shipment with the courier.

I Missed My Delivery

That's okay, most couriers will attempt delivery three times before sending the parcel back to us. You should contact them to arrange a day for redelivery.

What Are The Available Delivery Options

We keep things simple. Choose between next day delivery and economy delivery which takes 2-3 days on average.

Do You Show Prices On Packing Slips

No need to worry, packing slips do not display any price information.


Easy & Safe Payment Options

What Are The Available Payment Gateways

We offer several online payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Klarna. You can also pay using your PayPal or Apple Pay account. Please note that Apple Pay is only available if you are using Safari.

Do You Accept Cheques

The long and short of it is no. We have intentionally made our payment processing as simple as possible, all with the intent to maintain focus on our primary activities and ensure the customer is receiving the best possible service.

Can I Finance My Purchase

Although we do not offer traditional financing options, you can choose to pay with Klarna at checkout. This splits the payment into three instalments (every 30 days) at no additional cost, provided that payments are made on time.

My Payment Has Been Declined

Please check the following:

  1. Make sure the details entered are correct and match the card information.
  2. Does the billing address match the card's address?
  3. If everything is correct, contact your card issuer or bank to find out why the payment was declined.

Please note that we can't provide any additional information beyond what the issuing bank advises, as we only decline payments based on their guidance.

Returns & Refunds

Return to sender: Our policy on returns and refunds

I Would Like To Make A Return

Reach out to us via email (office@ubaahaus.co.uk) or live chat so that we can confirm the delivery address. If you have lost your returns note, head over to the returns policy page and download another one; you can't miss it. Fill it out and send it back, and remember to remove the original delivery label from the box if you are reusing the packaging.

What Is Your Refund Policy

If you receive a damaged or faulty item, please contact us within three working days. To qualify for a full refund to your card, make a refund request between day 1 and 14. For store credit, make your request between day 1 and 30. This format allows us to offer greater flexibility and keep our customers happy. For more information check out our returns policy page

I'd like The Refund To A Different Card

I'm sorry all refunds are applied to the purchasing card. We do this to prevent fraud.

How Long Does Store Credit Last

You are required to use any store credit within 12 months of the date of issue.

Are Returns Free

Not unless we made an error or the product is faulty.

Promotions & Discount

Deals That'll Make You Jump for Joy

Understanding Discount Codes

We occasionally offer promo codes and exclusive discounts. Each code will be unique to a specific promotion and can be redeemed online during the checkout process.

To apply a code, simply enter it at checkout and press "apply". If successful, the total will be revised to reflect the discounted rate.

Here are some important rules to keep in mind:

  1. Each promo code can only be used once per order.
  2. Promo codes are only valid for online orders unless otherwise specified.
  3. Sale and clearance items are not eligible for promo code discounts.
  4. Promo codes cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers.
  5. As promo codes vary, so do the terms and conditions of each offer. Be sure to check our terms before applying the code to your order.
  6. We reserves the right to rescind promotional codes if necessary.

My Discount Code Isn't Working

Please check the following:

  1. Is the discount code spelled correctly?
  2. Check that the code is still valid.
  3. Check the terms and conditions to ensure your order is eligible for the discount.
    If everything checks out, reach out to us and we will look into it further.

Reach out if all seems well on these points. There might be a technical issue we need to look into.

Where Is The Discount Code Found

The discount field can be found when initiating checkout at the cart page.

Email & SMS

Message in a Bottle: Stay in the Loop

How Do I Subscribe

You can head over to any product page and find the newsletter and discount pop up that can be activated with a click.

Why Sign Up To Our Newsletter

We will send you exclusive discounts and offers on new products first. So, if that interests you, it's worth subscribing.

How Do I Unsubscribe

At the bottom of every marketing email, there is an unsubscribe option that can be clicked at any time.

Custom Furniture & Trade

Craft Your Castle: Bespoke Furniture for Your Kingdom

What Is The Lead Time For Production

That's really difficult to answer, and it depends on many variables, such as the size of the order, order backlog, and material availability, to name a few.

What Are The Phases Of Ordering

We go through the following

  1. Conversations: requirements, design ideas, budget and other deliverables.
  2. Design and iterate
  3. Manufacture
  4. Schedule Delivery

Do You Offer Design Assistance

Yes, we take your initial ideas and ask leading questions to fully understand your requirements. We then offer suggestions and alternatives before reaching final decisions, at which point we start to model the furniture and iterate until you are happy with the outcome.

Do You Manufacture In The UK

Yes, we have control over the whole process, with the caveat that in some cases where custom components are required, we work with trusted suppliers.

Do You Offer A Line Of Credit

No, we expect payment in full at each stage of the process.

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