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Best Plant Pot: Trends 2024

Choose the Right Flower Pot for the Right Situation

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Plant Pot Trends 2024: For Better Interiors

What's in this year when it comes to plant pots and interiors? Plants have taken centre stage, breathing life into our living spaces and promoting tranquillity. As we step into 2024, these are some of the ways you can add a decorative plant pot or two to your interior for an instant upgrade. Showcase your home and your green companions in style for a captivating interior and a calming addition.

We'll explore how plant pots are being used to infuse nature, colour, and interest into homes. This year's trends offer a variety of styles and sizes to suit every aesthetic and space. From statement indoor trees to delicate succulents adorning shelves, hanging planters adding whimsy, and eclectic displays celebrating individuality, there's something for everyone.

Large Indoor Pots for Statement Trees

Statement indoor trees pack a punch and offer a natural focal point in any room. Fiddle-leaf figs, rubber plants, and weeping figs are excellent choices for their lush foliage and architectural presence.

What Is the Best Size Plant Pot for Statement Trees?

You'll need a pot ranging from ø35cm to ø50cm.


  • Bergs Potter Copenhagen 35cm Ceramic Plant Pot
  • Bergs Potter Galestro 40cm Ceramic Plant Pot 
bergs potter large galestro and copenhagen plant pot

Small Succulent Pots for Shelving

Small succulents are the perfect low-maintenance indoor plants for adding pops of greenery to shelves and side tables. Varieties like echeveria, haworthia, and jade plants thrive with minimal care. For shelves, look for small and decorative pots that will add interest.

What Is the Best Size Plant Pot for Shelving?

You'll need a pot ranging from ø8cm to ø14cm.


  • Bergs Potter Hoff ø8cm Plant Pot
  • Bloomingville Brenna ø11.5 cm Plant Pot
  • Bloomingville Avo Deco White Lines ø12cm Flower Pot
bergs potter hoff pot and bloomingville avo pot sitting on shelf

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are a stylish way to incorporate greenery into your space while maximising floor space. They're perfect for trailing plants like ivy, pothos, or string of pearls, adding a touch of whimsy and softening harsh lines. Consider macramé or woven baskets for a bohemian vibe or sleek ceramic designs for a modern aesthetic.

leerbaek hanging plant pot
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Mix & Match Eclectic Displays

Modern homes often need a little colour and interest to avoid feeling flat and monotonous. Mixing and matching different plant pots is an excellent way to create visual intrigue. Combine earthy terracotta pots with sleek ceramic designs for an eclectic yet cohesive display. The contrasting materials and shapes will add personality and depth to your space.

What Is the Best Size Plant Pot for Eclectic Displays?

You'll need a pot ranging from ø8cm to ø20cm.


  • Bloomingville ø: 12.5cm Drago Ceramic Plant Pot
  • Wikholm sabrina ø12cm Flower pot
  • Bloomingville: ø15.5cm Betje Flower Pot 
  • Bergs Potter Tall Copenhagen ø14cm Plant Pot
bloomingville betje pot of coffee table

Incorporating plants into your home not only enhances the aesthetic but also purifies the air and boosts mood. By embracing the latest plant pot trends, you can create stunning and functional displays that complement your interior style while nurturing a greener, more inviting environment.

In the mood to make a change to your interiors. Shop all our decorative plant pots here.


Common questions answered

What the best plant pot have in common

The best indoor plant pots have proper drainage holes, are sized for the plant's root system, and are made from a porous material like terra cotta or ceramic. Also consider style, weight if moving frequently, and whether the pot has a saucer to catch excess water. Factoring in these elements ensures healthy plant growth.
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