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Lighter, Sleeker, Better: Beer Glasses Outshining the Rest in 2024

Thin Glasses, Big Flavour: Why Your Beer Deserves an Upgrade

Gone are the days of thick, clunky mugs! Today's beer drinker demands premium drinkware that enhance the drinking experience. That's where these cool beer glasses come in, each a trendsetter in its own right. Mouth-blown by craftsman for the very best outcomes, thin glass walls, epic style and restrained form for ultimate function.

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A Closer Look at Modern Beer Glasses

Certain qualities come to mind when we think of modern design. Form led design, Unfussy in execution, stripped back to only the fundamental elements. These beer glasses embody the same principles all whilst maintaining exceptional manufacturing standards. Meticulously hand-blown, they possess a remarkable clarity and beauty, adding a touch of sophistication to any beer-drinking experience.

generic glassware walls are thicker than premium glassware

The generic glass above shows the difference in glass wall thickness when compared to LSA GIO being almost 200% thinner. The difference in thickness translates to a noticeable difference in how they feel in your hand. You can practically sense the higher quality of the LSA GIO just by holding it!


1. LSA GIO Beer Glass: The Perfect Pint Glass

lsa gio beer glass ultra thin wall thickness

The classic pint glass is arguably the most versatile and therefore best bang for your buck. The LSA GIO Beer Glass is a true featherweight Manufactured from "soda-lime blown glass" this process allows for  ultra-thin walls that feel delicate yet surprisingly practical and as strong as thicker counterparts. The thin walls as a by-product also offer amazing glass clarity for a visually striking beer pour with vibrant amber hues enticing the drinker. The GIO offers an uncompromising premium feel enabling the drinker to savour every sip in style.

GIO Pint Glass Characteristics

  • Ultra-thin glass walls, delicate and refined to the touch
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Stackable for better storage
  • Blown glass manufactured by top craftsman
  • Glass clarity highlights your craft beer's colour for an enticing pint
  • Minimalist design complements any table setting
  • Perfect for: Lagers, Pilsners, Wheat Beers, and other light-bodied styles
  • Capacity: 560ml
  • Available in: Sets of 1, 4, and 6


2. LSA CANOPY Beer Glass: Best Stange Glass

lsa canopy beer glass thin wall thickness

Stange Glasses are tall and slender and a staple among connoisseur beer drinkers. The tall slender shape is perfect for delicate beers and the narrowness of form allows the carbonation and aroma to really shine. The LSA CANOPY Beer Glass, feels like a sophisticated object. Premium drinkware crafted from 100% recycled glass, this glass exudes refinement. Sold in sets of 4, it's perfect for intimate gatherings or solo indulgence.

CANOPY Stange Glass Characteristics

  • Tall and narrow form with thin walls and modern appeal
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Domed base
  • Subtle flaring of Glass rim 
  • Sustainable, recycled glass with a unique, textured stem for comfortable grip
  • Generous capacity 520ml
  • Perfect for: Delicate beers, pilsners, bocks, lambics, gose, altbier, rauchbier, rye beer 
  • Available in: Set of 4


3. LSA MIA Beer Glass: IPA-Enhancing Glassware

lsa mia large beer glass thin wall thickness

Calling all IPA lovers! The LSA MIA Beer Glass is designed specifically for showcasing the bold hoppy aromas and flavours of your favourite Belgian IPAs. Its larger capacity accommodates a full pour, while its short stem offers a place to grip the glass without warming the beer from the radiant heat giving off by the hand. Made of thin, recycled glass, the MIA combines functionality and modern aesthetics seamlessly. Available in sets of 2, it's the perfect companion for your IPA adventures.

MIA IPA Glass Characteristics

  • Ode to classic IPA vessels but with a contemporary twist
  • Short sturdy stem preserves head and enhances hop aromas.
  • Safe and comfortable stem grip
  • Larger capacity accommodates full pours of your favourite IPAs.
  • Thin, recycled glass construction is modern and eco-friendly.
  • Perfect for: IPAs, Pale Ales, and other hoppy beers.
  • Available in: Set of 2.


Ditch the outdated beer mugs and bring on the cool beer glasses that will enhance the all important time we have to unwind, relax and decompress from lifes stresses. Above are our picks for the best and most versatile beer glasses. A beer glass for dad is a great gift option. And mixing different glasses together offers the chance to try new beers out knowing full well you have the right glass to get the most out of the beer in question.


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