Small Storage Ideas for Tight and Cramped Spaces

Small Storage Ideas for Tight and Cramped Spaces

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Sometimes we need a smart storage option that works in tight or inconvenient places. This can be challenging so here are some awesome storage options that will help you maximise every inch of space.

1. Vertical Bathroom Shelf

Available in 2-shelf and 3-shelf options, these solid oak vertical shelves offer the opportunity to declutter your sink of toiletries and move them to a wall. For best results, install the shelf no further than an outstretched arm's distance from the sink and store your most used daily items.

vertical shelf

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2. Wall Mounted Peg Rail

Wall mounted peg rails provide a great opportunity to organise and move items that typically end up cluttering a room over to the wall. These shaker style solid oak peg rails come in smaller sizes that could be used to span across a door. Never missing an opportunity to be more organised. 

shaker peg rail on door

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3. Over-the-Door Organiser

If you're really struggling for space you might want to look at utilising a door or two. This anti tilt over-the-door organiser might be just what you're looking for.

over door organiser

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4. Multi Purpose Furniture

Perfect for outbuilding, offices and guest-rooms. The addition of a Murphy bed provides multi-functionality whilst not interfering with the primary purpose of the room. If space isn't a luxury then make rooms multi purpose.

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5. Small Closet Organisers

These are great for those with a lot of clothes and want to stay on top of the organisation. Having organisers forces you out of lazy habits and develops organised ones. 

fabric small closet organiser

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6. Under Sink Storage

We've all been there. You've got your head under the sink rummaging through cleaning products. They are falling all over the place and you risk banking the back of your head on the way out of the cupboard. Well with a under sink organiser with pull out drawers you can locate what your looking for with far greater convenience.

two adjustable under sink storage racks

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7. Expandable Cutlery Tray

The expandable cutlery tray adapts to your drawer size requirements. This particular option is well designed and a great choice.

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8. Kitchen Shelf Hooks

Struggling for cupboard space in your kitchen, or do you have a habit of collecting mugs? This simple accessory can transform an overspilling cupboard to a well organised area. 


kitchen cupboard organiser for mugs

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9. Scrunchable Laundry Tote

You may have come across the collapsing laundry basket. Trouble with those is whilst they do save space they are prone to breaking over time with use. The scrunchable laundry tote offers better space saving with less mechanical failure points. All round a better option.

scrunchable laundry tote

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10. Maximise Garden Space

Being out in the sun is great. Maybe you have a small garden and don't want to fill it with a over large and cumbersome shed. Check out the narrow shed, the answer to all your space saving garden needs.

narrow shed

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Embrace these practical storage solutions and enjoy a more organised, efficient living space. Your small areas will feel more spacious and comfortable, allowing you to make the most of every corner. Start implementing these tips today and experience the benefits of a well-organised home.

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