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The 5 Best Charcuterie Board 2024

Best Charcuterie Boards: Our List!

While any cutting board can serve as a charcuterie board in a pinch, having a dedicated one adds a special touch to your gatherings. These boards are often lighter, come in unique shapes, and feature handles or thumb holes for easy carrying. However, with so many options on the market, finding a charcuterie board that is both functional and stylish can be challenging.

The ideal charcuterie board should not only look impressive but also feel sturdy yet lightweight when handled. It should also be resilient enough to endure frequent use.

In our quest to find the best charcuterie boards, we identified five noteworthy models. Although our focus was on wooden boards for their versatility, it's worth noting that marble boards are also highly regarded for their ability to keep cheeses cool.

  • Types of Wood: When it comes to charcuterie boards constant cutting isn’t something to worry all too much about. As they are more like presentation boards. So pick a wood that appeals to you.
  • Versatility: Charcuterie boards are incredibly versatile, perfect not only for meats and cheeses but also for serving breakfast spreads, desserts, or even sushi, making them a staple for any host.

Let’s explore our top five charcuterie boards that combine functionality, style, and durability to make every gathering memorable.

1. Wood Charcuterie Board #4

Our most popular board is the #4. It's extremely streamlined, lightweight, and boasts an eye-catching shape that offers ample serving space for all your favorite meats, cheeses, preserves, crackers, and fruits.

The hole at the top is perfect for popping your thumb in for support while serving and makes it easy to hang the board on the wall for storage. This sought-after aesthetic is often seen in high-end kitchens, and you'll frequently spot celebrity chefs filming with brass rails and hooks on the wall.

All uBaaHaus cheese boards are sculptural. We round the edges and spend time tapering and shaping each board. If you're looking for a high-end charcuterie board, this is the one.

#4 cheese board

#4 Beach Wood Charcuterie Board >

2. Wood Charcuterie Board #3

Similar to the our winner the #3 has all the same qualities and makes a fantastic cheese platter option. Which option do you prefer? 

#3 charcuterie board

#3 uBaaHaus Beach Wood Charcuterie Board >

3. Craflair Olive Wood Cheese Board

The Craflair Olive Wood Cheese Board is a beautifully crafted, long and narrow platter made from high-quality olive wood. Its organic shape and unique grain patterns make it a stunning centrepiece for any table. Perfect for self-serve style gatherings, it combines rustic elegance with functionality. 

Olive wood's natural durability and resistance to odours and stains ensure this board remains a durable and stylish choice for serving cheeses, meats, and appetisers.

craflair wood cheese board

Craflair Olive Wood Cheese Board Click Here >

4. Bill.F Charcuterie Board

If you're after something a little smaller, the Bill.F Charcuterie Board might be the perfect choice. Made from acacia wood, it’s ideal for serving 2 to 3 people. The board's compact yet stylish design features a carefully cut shape with rounded edges and a smooth finish.

Its streamlined, lightweight form provides ample space for your favourite meats, cheeses, preserves, crackers, and fruits. The convenient hole at the top makes it easy to handle and hang for storage, adding a touch of elegance to any setting.

bill.f serving board

Bill.F Wooden Charcuterie Board Click Here >

5. GoCraft Round Wooden Serving Board

Made from mango wood this serving board has a rustic and organic appeal. We have some concerns about the weight and longevity but theres no denying this style has popularity with those that like a rough and ready design language.

gocraft round cheese board

GoCraft Round Serving Board Click Here >

Charcuterie boards, cheese platters and serving boards. If you in the market check out our full collection here.

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