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Tired of boring lights that are all functional and have no style? Check out our industrial pendant light collection - it's the perfect balance of rugged good looks and durability. These bad boys are built tough from materials like metal and concrete. With finishes ranging from powder-coated to burnished, each fixture adds some serious industrial flair to your space.

Whether you're updating the living room or adding character to the kitchen, our versatile lights have you covered. Go for vintage vibes with a classic ceiling pendant or keep it sleek with a modern glass rod design. Bottom line - these industrial pendants are practical lighting that looks cool. No more harsh overhead bulbs ruining your vibe.

Level up your home or business with stylish pendant lighting that makes a statement.

Industrial Pendant Light | Got A Question? Get Your Answer!

What is an industrial pendant light?

An industrial pendant light is a ceiling light fixture that hangs from the ceiling on a cable, rod or chain, characterised by its raw, utilitarian design often made from metals or concrete.

What materials are used in your industrial pendant lights?

Our industrial pendant lights are primarily made from durable metals and concrete, ensuring longevity and a robust aesthetic.

Can industrial pendant lights be used in any room?

Yes, industrial pendant lights are versatile and can be used in various spaces, including kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and commercial settings.

Do you offer different finishes for industrial pendant lights?

Yes, our lights come in several finishes such as powder-coated, painted, burnished, or an authentic weathered look.

Are your industrial pendant lights suitable for commercial use?

Our industrial pendant lights are built to withstand the rigours of both residential and commercial environments.

Can the hanging height of the pendant lights be adjusted?

Yes, typically there's a level of adjustability in the cable length that can  be adjusted during installation to suit your ceiling height and design preference.

What bulb types are compatible with your industrial pendant lights?

Our pendant lights are compatible with standard LED, halogen, or incandescent bulbs, depending on the fixture model. Check the specification sheets for more details on lighting bulb compatibility.

How do I clean my industrial pendant light?

Dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals to maintain the finish.

What are the trending designs in your industrial pendant light collection?

Trends include vintage ceiling pendants and glass rod ceiling pendants, both offering a unique blend of old charm and modern elegance.

How can I ensure the industrial pendant light fits my room’s aesthetic?

Consider the room’s colour scheme and existing decor. Our range includes various styles and finishes to complement any interior design.