Kitchen Island Lighting

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Elevate your kitchen with our stunning kitchen island lighting collection. Perfect for any kitchen style, our island lights offer both functionality and flair. Whether you’re preparing meals or entertaining guests, the right over-island lighting sets the perfect mood.

Imagine your kitchen island bathed in warm, inviting light that enhances both your cooking and your home's decor. With task lighting designed specifically for food prep, you'll enjoy precision and clarity in all your kitchen tasks. From sleek, modern designs to charming, rustic options, we have the perfect lights to transform your space. 

Kitchen Island Lighting | Got A Question? Get Your Answer!

How do I choose the right style of pendant light for my kitchen?

Consider your kitchen's overall design theme. For a modern look, go for sleek, minimalistic designs. For a rustic or farmhouse style, consider pendant lights with wood or metal accents.

What size pendant light should I choose for my kitchen island?

The size of your pendant light depends on the length of your kitchen island. As a rule of thumb, for an island between 1.2-1.8m long, choose a pendant light that is 30-45cm wide. For larger islands, consider pendants up to 60cm wide.

How many pendant lights do I need over my kitchen island?

The number of pendant lights you need depends on the size of your island and the diameter of the pendants. A common setup is to use three pendant lights for a balanced look. For smaller islands, two may suffice.