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Struggling to find the perfect modern cutlery sets? Our sleek, stainless steel designs offer both style and functionality. With clean lines and subtle details, our sets transform your dining experience, providing durability and a sophisticated look. Ideal for everyday meals or special occasions, they complement any tableware. Enhance your setup with our precision steak knife sets for a complete dining solution. Invest in quality—discover our modern cutlery sets today and elevate your dining effortlessly.

Modern Cutlery Sets | Got A Question? Get Your Answer!

How do you set cutlery on a table?

When setting cutlery on a table, start by placing the dinner plate in the center. Arrange the dinner fork to the left of the plate, and the dinner knife to the right with the blade facing inwards. If using a spoon, it goes to the right of the knife. For a formal setting, include cutlery for all courses in the order they will be used, from the outside in. 

What is the best modern cutlery set?

The best modern cutlery set should have a sleek minimalist design, be built to last a very long time from durable stainless steel and be highly practical for everyday use. Look for minimalist stainless steel designs.

Should steak knives be serrated or not?

Whether steak knives should be serrated or not depends on personal preference. Serrated knives cut through meat easily without requiring frequent sharpening. Non-serrated knives offer a clean cut and are preferred by some for their ability to be sharpened to a very fine edge. 

What materials are used for modern cutlery?

Common materials include stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, and even ceramic. Some have composite handles made from materials like plastic or resin. Modern cutlery avoids traditional metals like silver or gold plates.

What finishes are popular for modern flatware?

Matte, brushed, and hammered finishes are very trendy right now for a modern industrial look. Polished mirror finishes are also popular for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

How many pieces come in modern cutlery sets?

Most modern lines come in 4-piece (dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon,, teaspoon) or 16-piece (service for 4) sets as a starting point. You can usually buy additional pieces separately.

Are modern sets dishwasher safe?

Yes, the vast majority of modern cutlery from reputable brands is dishwasher-safe. Always check the manufacturer's care instructions to be sure.

How should I store modern flatware?

You can use expandable bamboo organisers. Many modern sets come with cylindrical or rectangular flatware caddies to keep pieces neatly organized in a drawer.