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For those who savour the delicate flavours of the sea, our collection of fillet knives is your secret weapon for flawless filleting. Crafted with surgical precision, these knives glide through fish flesh with effortless strokes, separating meat from bones and skin without a struggle.

Flexible, full-tang blades that deftly navigate tricky contours these ultra-sharp Japanese fish knives deliver precise, delicate cuts - our fillet knife selection represents the best in the business. Experience the joy of perfectly portioned fillets with our premium knives, designed to make fish prep a dream. Upgrade your kitchen arsenal today with the best fillet knives on the market.

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What is a filleting knife used for?

A filleting knife is a specialised tool used for precisely cutting and separating fish fillets from the bone and skin. Its thin, flexible blade allows you to make delicate, clean cuts and navigate around bones and cartilage when preparing fish.

Do I need a fillet knife?

Whether you need a fillet knife depends on how often you prepare fresh fish. If you regularly cook fish at home or work in a commercial kitchen, a fillet knife can make the process much easier and more efficient. For occasional fish preparation, a general-purpose chef's knife may suffice.

How do I choose a fillet knife?

When choosing a fillet knife, consider the blade length, flexibility, and handle material. Longer blades (16 cm  to 20 cm) provide more leverage for larger fish, while shorter blades (12 cm to 15 cm) are better suited for smaller fish. The blade should be thin and flexible to navigate the contours of the fish. Handles made of materials like pakka wood or stainless steel provide a secure, comfortable grip.

What is the difference between a fillet knife and a boning knife?

The main difference is the blade shape and flexibility. Fillet knives have a thin, flexible blade that is ideal for delicately separating fish fillets. Boning knives have a stiffer, narrower blade that is better suited for trimming and removing meat from bones.