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Get to slicing with our superior collection of Japanese Sujihiki Knives.

Expertly crafted for precision cutting, these specialised slicing knives excel at carving meats and fish with unparalleled control. Explore versatile Sujihiki knife uses from delicate filleting to carving.

Our curated selection showcases premium Japanese Sujihiki Knives, including reputable brands like Tojiro, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship. 

Transform your kitchen into a master's domain - grab a Sujihiki knife that commands respect and delivers artistry with every slice.

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What is a Sujihiki knife?

A Sujihiki knife is a type of Japanese slicing knife with a long, narrow, and sharply pointed blade. It is designed for precision slicing of boneless proteins like meat, fish, and poultry.

How does a Sujihiki knife differ from a Western-style carving knife?

The main differences are: Blade Shape - Sujihiki knives have a longer, narrower blade compared to the wider, curved blade of Western carving knives. Blade Thickness - Sujihiki knives typically have a thinner, more lightweight blade profile. Edge Angle - Sujihiki knives have a sharper, more acute edge angle for clean, effortless slicing